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General Education Center

Welcome to GEC(The page is under maintance)



Currently the organization for the General Education is sectioned into the General Education Council and the General Education Center:

General Education Council

     The council seats 13 to 17 members, including the constant members: the president, the vice president, the directors of the Office of Academic Affairs, the Student Affairs Office, the General Education Center, and the Deans of all colleges; as well as other teachers, scholars, and professionals. Membership is for 1 year, at which time the membership may be renewed.

General Education Center

Composed of the center’s director, the administrative section, and the full-time teachers’ section:

1.The center is headed by 1 director, who is appointed by the president. The choice must be a single teacher at the associate-level of professorship or above. Below the director are two sections:

2.Administration and Planning Division: One section chief, one staff member, one assistant

3.Curriculum and Instruction Division: One section chief, one staff member, one assistant

4.Full-time Teachers’ Section: Currently 6 full-time teachers