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Faculty Members

enlightened Full Time Faculty Members: 6 Members enlightened

Lee Kuang-wu Professor
Degree Ed.S., Instructional Technology
Ph.D., Educational Leadership,
Mississippi State University, U.S.A.
Expertise 1. Organization Leadership
2. Testing and Assessment
3. Instructional Technology in Physical Education
Contact Tel:02-2871-8288 ext. 3205





Tao Tzu-chen Professor
Degree Ph.D., Department of Chinese Literature, Soochow University
Expertise 1. Poetic Theory
2. Seasonal customs
3. Modern and practical documents
Contact Tel:02-2871-8288 ext. 3153





Hsiao Chun-hui Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D., Department of electrical engineering,
National Central University
Expertise 1. Computational mathematics
2. Control Engineering
Contact Tel:02-2871-8288 ext. 3208





Chen Shiuan-Yu Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D., Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
Expertise 1. Chinese Literature
2. Poetry
3.Tang Dynasty Literature
Contact Tel:02-2871-8288 ext. 8221





Mira Chiang Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D., Bilingual Education, Texas A&M University, USA
Expertise 1. Language Arts and Culture Diversity
2. Cross-disciplinary Analysis
Contact Tel:02-2871-8288 ext. 7262




Liu Yu-Yun Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D., Institute of Educational Administration and Evaluation, University of Taipei

1. Industry Analysis
2. Marketing
3. Regional Geography
4.Corporate Social Responsibility
5.Organization Management

Contact Tel:02-2871-8288 ext.         (Tian-Mu)
Tel:02-2311-3040 ext.1162 (Bo-Ai)

enlightened Part-Time Faculty Members: May be employed to satisfy demand of classes.